Work package 5

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Synthesis of data

Work package 5 deals with the synthesis of data from work packages 2-4 and their application for water management in Lower Austria.

The following points are examined:

  • Estimation of the potential of riparian buffer strips and riparian forests to reduce nutrient pollution in streams under consideration of nutrient retention and storage.
  • Assessment of the potential of riparian forests to reduce the oxygen consumption under different entry conditions and temperature scenarios.
  • Risk assessment of a future deterioration in water quality due to oxygen consumption, eutrophication and the possible increase of water temperature that forwards the formation of fecal-associated microorganism in water sediments.
  • Development of suggestions for strategies to compensate increased water temperatures and lower discharges in streams of lower Austria.
  • Development or adaptation of method protocols for the use of sediments as indicators or early warning systems for future changes in water quality because of material pollution and pollution with hygienically relevant microorganisms.